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SOME USEFUL REFERENCES mentioned in the NITP course

For MRI Physics (Ennis, Cohen)

  1. Online MRI Physics interactive book. Joseph Hornak

For Liu, Neurovascular Coupling

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For Monti, General Linear Model

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For Rissman, Group Analysis

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For Lindquist
  1. Coursera: Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data
For Cohen, MRI Safety
  1. MRISafety.org
  2. MRI Safety selected links and references

For McIntosh, Virtual brain

  1. Schirner, M., S. Rothmeier, V. K. Jirsa, A. R. McIntosh and P. Ritter (2015). "An automated pipeline for constructing personalized virtual brains from multimodal neuroimaging data." Neuroimage 117: 343-357.
  2. The Virtual Brain web site

For Snyder, Resting State

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For Sadighiani, Graph Analysis

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For Boas, fNIRS

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Van Wedeen's suggested readings

  1. Debanne, D., E. Campanac, A. Bialowas, E. Carlier and G. Alcaraz (2011). "Axon physiology." Physiol Rev 91(2): 555-602.
  2. Pollock, J. D., D. Y. Wu and J. S. Satterlee (2014). "Molecular neuroanatomy: a generation of progress." Trends Neurosci 37(2): 106-123.
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