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Answers to some questions

Is it fine to submit letters of support and CVs to you via email (current UCLA students only)?
Absolutely. They should be addressed to Mark Cohen
It looks like the program funds the applicant for 1 year. How does this work with NRSA funding - is the latter deferred for that year?
There is some prestige associated with having gotten competitive funding from the NRSA program, and students should probably NOT consider accepting NITP funding instead of their NRSA. If the NIH allows, deferring the NRSA might be a good option. Sadly, the feds won't allow you to add the fund sources together for a higher salary. As you saw, it is a requrement of the program that students prepare NRSA applications, principally because writing grants is part of the reality of becoming independent scientists.
I am presently a graduate student at UCLA. Will I be able to take the courses if I am not in the program or have not received a fellowship?
Absolutely. The courses are open to anyone with the pre-requisites. When class size is limited, however, priority will be given to students within the NITP.
I am not currently a UCLA graduate student. Should I fill in the applications on line at this site?
No. These are only for matriculated UCLA student. To apply to the program, you should contact one of the participating departments: The Neurosciences Interdepartmental Program; Neurobiology; Psychology or the Biomedical Engineering Interdepartmental Program
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The UCLA Neuroimaging Training Program is funded by generous awards from the National Institutes of Health, grant numbers R90 DA022768 and T90 DA023422