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Why we care about evaluations.

Firstly, We read each evaluation. We share these with each speaker and we change the course and the talks based on these evals. Why? Because the course can always be made better.

Secondly, The UCLA NeuroImaging Training Program is funded by the National Institutes of Health under a one time RFA, meaning that there is no promise that we can even compete for a second funding period. As of this writing, July 6, 2011, the NIH have not indicated there interest in supporting this program in the future.

We feel very strongly about the value we can add to the neuroimaging community. We would like to be able to come back to the NIH with a strong argument for continuing this program. Frankly, the evaluations we do receive are very positive. Your comments will be sent to the program officers as evidence that we are adding value. Please help us!