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James Lewis

West Virginia University

Sensory Neuroscience Research Center
One Medical Center Drive; PO BOX 9229, Health Sciences Center
Morgantown, Virginia 26506-9229
United States
(304) 293-1517

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The Lewis lab explores and maps the functions of human brain regions responsible for our ability to recognize everyday natural sounds and our ability to localize sound in three-dimensional space. Additionally, we investigate how auditory information becomes integrated with the other sensory modalities (i.e. vision and touch/motor).

We primarily use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) with the 3T scanner at the Center for Advanced Imaging. We employ neurophysiological techniques such as collecting evoked response potentials (ERPs) from the brain in response to hearing complex sounds; using transcrannial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to interfere with putative auditory processing pathways in the brain; and psychophysically testing the perceptual attributes of various types of natural and synthetic sounds.

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