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Nancy R. Williams

Vanderbilt University

Wilson Hall

Nashville, Tennessee 37212
United States

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Object Perception Laboratory
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expertise, VSTM, visual search, fMRI

I am finishing my first year of graduate school in Isabel Gauthierís object perception laboratory at Vanderbilt University. Much of the work in our lab focuses on the behavioral and neural changes that occur during the development of perceptual expertise. I am primarily interested in competition beween different domains of expertise. Many people have extensive learning or experience in perceiving multiple categories of visual objects (e.g., faces, dogs, cars and guitars), thus making them experts simultaneously in these unique domains. My research investigates the mechanisms that support processing in such dual- (or multi-) domain experts. For these individuals, I ask how perceptual decisions and memory encoding, retention and recall are affected when concurrent processing stimuli from two or more domains of expertise. In these situations, perceptual interference is reflected as competition for shared resources.

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