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Jessica R. Cohen

UC Berkeley

Department of Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
D'Esposito Lab
1 Barker Hall, MC#3202
Berkeley, California 94720
United States
(310) 623-0840

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Functional Connectivity; Graph Theory; Cognitive Control; Reinforcement Learning; Resting State; Cognitive Development; fMRI

My research interests are generally focused on the dynamic changes in brain organization that occur as a result of changes to one’s environment. I explore changing cognitive demands during reinforcement learning and cognitive control because these are two processes that require flexibility in behavior. They are thus well-suited to exploring the flexibility of neural systems. My approach utilizes convergent methods taken from psychology, neuroscience, and mathematics to most fully investigate neural flexibility and these fundamental cognitive processes. These methods include computational modeling, machine learning, functional and resting state connectivity, and graph theory. Moreover, the developing brain is particularly valuable to addressing my research questions because children’s brains are highly adaptable and have a great potential for plasticity.

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-- Mark Cohen

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