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Henry Schwarz

163 Park Avenue

Long Beach, California 90803
United States
562 438-7400

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Transactional Cognition, Social Cognition

November, 2008. My primary interest in neuro-cognitive research is essentially interdisciplinary, and relates to identifying the neurological processes of both complex speech and conscious thought from the specific analytical framework of their evolutionary origins, which is to say, as human functions fundamentally transactional in nature, and more collective than individual. Related to that perspective I am now seeking an MRI study center partnership and research support to implement a number of specific language-related or transactional cognition research projects. One small study related to reception, for example, is designed to determine the neurological effect of "realism" in 3rd-tier abstraction (silent reading of narrative), as well as the same effects encountered in both 1st and 2nd-tier abstract experience. Another project is designed to provide evidence, finally, on the issue of whether or not the unique human linguistic feature of grammar is learned, as Piaget argued, or is the product of a unique biological organ, as insisted by Chomsky, or as I have proposed might technically be something of both. Another research opportunity employing MRI methods, in my view, is the study of social cognition: the social processes and their neurological foundation of transactional thought/exchange that permits oral societies to function in groups larger than 150 units the maximum tribal aggregation of primate groups in the wild, as noted by Robin Dunbar inter alii. However, the specific neurological operations that characterize social cognition remain largely underconsidered, both as a critical early event in human social evolution after the arrival of speech and as operating in societies today. Understanding the full function of social cognition in neurocognitive terms will help us better understand its contemporary expression, make its operations more visible throughout a wide range of social institutions, and would serve to support further research in multiple academic disciplines. I am interested, then, in establishing research support in each of these research fields.

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