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Jean-Luc Martinot

4 place Gl. Leclerc

Orsay, 91401

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MRI, PET, Psychiatry

Director of research Inserm (DR1), MD, PhD, psychiatrist, certified in child and adolescent psychiatry. Head of the research unit “imaging developmental psychiatry”, afiliated to the INSERM - CEA - Universities Paris Sud & Paris Descartes. Training in most Universitary psychiatry hospital epartements of the Paris Area during internship (Internat des hôpitaux de Paris) and assistant professorship (Bicètre and Creteil Hospitals), in both clinical and biological psychiatry, and in psychopathology. Vice president of the Neuroimaging section of the Association of European Psychiatry. Member of the ECNP basic & clinical neuroscience board. Coordinator of research programs involving brain imaging mental disorders since 1986. Works include the coordination of research network within Paris area, and application of positron tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in adult or juvenile patients with schizophrenia, affective disorders, or addictions. Treatment investigation through brain imaging involve positron tomography and MRI studies of psychopharmaceutic drugs and TMS. Main themes adress brain metabolism and structure abnormalities in depressive disorders, statistical deviations in cortex gyrification of schizophrenia patients, characterization of alcohol-related brain alterations, and in vivo catecholamine determination during the course of antipsychotic or antidepressant treatments, or in tobacco and cannabis addictions.

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