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Unal Sakoglu

University of New Mexico

Department of Neurology - Biomedical Research and Integratıve NeuroImaging (BRaIN) Center, MRI Core
1101 Yale Blvd. NE

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108
United States
(505) 272-5082

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UNM BRaIN Center
UNM Dept. of Neurology
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fMRI, cerebral blood flow, CBF, perfusion-weighted imaging, PWI

I have been working in the field of MRI since 05/2006 as a post-doctoral research fellow. After obtaining my PhD in engineering specialising in image processing, now I have been training to be a competent MR scientist, specialising in perfusion-weighted imaging and functional magnetic resonance imaging. Quantification of perfusion is an essential part of diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases, such as ischemic stroke and vascular dementia. It is also important to decouple perfusion effects on BOLD signal in fMRI so that the brain activity can be extracted in a better way from the BOLD signal. I have applied signal and image processing techniques for better quantification of cerebral perfusion in human volunteers and patients. I have also worked on fMRI projects which involved imaging of pigs. As part of my work, I have designed successful stimulation systems for the experiments, which face challenges in animal scanners. My goal, upon the completion of my post-doctoral training, is to obtain a position as an assistant professor to perform teaching and independent research in the field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). I'd like to develop my skills in fMRI and perfusion-weighted imaging (PWI).

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