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Multimodal imaging: Postdoctoral fellow

Department:    Psychology/College of Sciences
Location:     San Diego, California.
Posted: 2015-09-11 15:26:00
Open from: 2015-09-15 to 2015-12-31
Listing web link: http://
Research in the Spatio-temporal Brain Imaging Lab uses multimodal imaging methods including magneto- and electroencephalography (MEG/EEG), and structural and functional MRI to investigate the “where and when” characteristics of distributed neural circuits underlying cognitive and affective functions including decision making, inhibitory control, language, and emotion perception. Of particular interest are alcohol-related impairments of self-regulatory functions in the context of neurotransmitter genetic markers. We also collaborate on a project focusing on autism. The primary responsibilities of the post-doctoral scholar would include designing studies, optimizing analysis protocols in the context of a multimodal anatomically-constrained MEG/EEG method, integrating fMRI and genetic results, analyzing and interpreting data, writing up manuscripts, and presenting results to scientific community. This fellowship includes opportunities for development and implementation of novel approaches to data analysis, as well as potential for seeking independent funding.

For more information contact:
Ksenija Marinkovic, Ph.D.
Phone: 619 594-1510

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