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fMRI Researcher, BA/MS/PhD

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Location:     Sa, California. United States
Posted: 2009-01-06 16:50:28
Open from: 2009-01-06 to 2009-03-15
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The Applied fMRI Institute is seeking a smart, motivated person to assume the day to day technical operation of the facility. Responsibilities will include: maintaining the computer systems, analyzing FMRI data, creating Presentation scenarios, and operating the scanner. The position requires some proficiency in the following areas: 1. BS/MS/PhD in Engineering, Physics, Math, Psychology, or equivalent - actual experience with FMRI more important 2. Comfort in using Linux (Red Hat), performing routine administration tasks 3. Shell scripting (preferably bash) 4. Some experience with Perl or Python 5. AFNI for fMRI data analysis 6. Fundamental understanding of how image analysis works (linear regression, etc), ability to make analysis decisions 7. Ability to program Neurobehavioral Systems Presentation 8. Minimal understanding of MRI sequence parameters and tradeoffs. Person will preferably have worked in an imaging lab, and be familiar with how to perform an FMRI experiment, including task conception, implementation, execution, and analysis, and is interested in developing applications.

For more information contact:
Alexandra Hubbard
Phone: 858 444 3595

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