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The images that appear in the "Image of the Day" are selected for the freshness of their views on Brain Mapping, their esthetic appeal, their quirkiness, or someimes just to prod you into thinking about the field and its context. Their appearance here is not an endorsement of their subject matter.

CTF MEG Magnetoencephalography Brain Imaging System

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a revolutionary medical imaging technology that provides unprecedented insight into the workings of the human brain through the measurement of electromagnetic activity.

By measuring the magnetic fields created by the electric current flowing within the neurons, MEG identifies brain activity associated with various human functions in real time, with millimeter spatial accuracy.

This non-invasive approach can positively impact patient outcomes, providing clinicians with the invaluable information they need to evaluate neurological disorders and plan surgical treatments.

Our CTF MEG systems are the most technologically advanced instruments available in the world today, offering MEG sensor arrays of up to 275 distinct channels with up to 128 simultaneous EEG sensors. The exquisite sensitivity of the MEG sensors is achieved by utilizing the world's most sensitive detectors of magnetic fields, SQUIDS (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices)

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Submitted by: Mark Cohen

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