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The images that appear in the "Image of the Day" are selected for the freshness of their views on Brain Mapping, their esthetic appeal, their quirkiness, or someimes just to prod you into thinking about the field and its context. Their appearance here is not an endorsement of their subject matter.

The Einstein's Brain Project

For the past 8 years Alan Dunning, Dr. Morley Hollenberg and Paul Woodrow, of the art and science collaboration, "the Einstein's Brain Project," have been investigating ideas about consciousness through immersive and mixed virtual reality. The project has brought together artists, scientists, technologists and others in a transdisciplinary space tp develop new ways of representing and understanding the technologized body.

The shapes of thought is a work that visualizes EEG and other bioelectrical signals as three-dimensional forms. The forms are generated by monitoring the EEG of a participant recalling a traumatic event and using the numbers to change simple primitives to complex meshes. Each vertext on a primitive is assigned a point in space and each is pushed and pulled by the incoming EEG data. Over very long periods of time - more than 12 hourse in some cases - a smooth sphere or cube becomes a heavily fissured, bumpy and spiked object - a recent geological record of the EEG pattern generated by the participant. At prearranged intervals, the form is saved into a database to allow the event path to be retraced in the future.

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Submitted by: Mark Cohen

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