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Basic and Advanced fMRI Course

Degree(s) New students per year/session 0
Director Rainer Goebel
Duration (yrs)
University of Maastricht. Maastricht, Netherlands
November 14th to 17th the Faculty of Psychology, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, hosting the research dedicated Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre organizes an fMRI course, together with Robert Savoy, MGH, Boston, and Brain Innovation, Maastricht. The course consists of a "basic" part in the first two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) and an "advanced" part in the last two (Thursday and Friday), with hands-on training on real data and possible consultation on the analysis of your own data. Following the course is the ideal introduction to functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging research. The advanced part is specifically designed to further ones knowledge of the more advanced aspects of fMRI methods and related techniques. The integration between explanatory lectures and hands-on exercises with actual data in the BrainVoyager QX software is very tight, in both the basic and advanced parts of the course.
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