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I am pleased that our work has attracted many inquiries from extraordinary and talented students, some of whom I now have the privilege of training. Unfortunately, space limited by time and physical resources. If you are interested in working here, I would appreciate your filling in the Skill and Background Inventory below. It would be helpful, also, if you were able to send me a resume, or other record of your training and publications.

SRP Rotations in the Brain Mapping MRI Lab

To learn more about the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience MRI Lab, have a look at the Staglin IMHRO Center for Cognitive Neuroscience web pages.

We are always interested in taking on students for rotations through the Brain Mapping functional imaging lab. MRI and functional MRI are highly technical and computer intensive modalities. Before being considered for a rotation in the brain mapping MRI lab, we expect students to possess some basic laboratory computing skills. In particular, students should have at least two of:

  1. C programming experience
  2. Operation of unix workstations
  3. Theoretical statistics
  4. Experience with MRI or functional MRI
  5. Strong technical skills in related engineering
  6. An incredibly cool experiment that we want to implement immediately
  7. Background in one of the major medical imaging processing applications, including:
    • FSL
    • SPM
    • NIH Image
    • Analyze
If you are interested in working with us, please contact Mark Cohen , by e-mail, and/or fill in the form below. It would be very helpful if you could also enclose a CV or other biographical information.

Your name:
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Computer skills Progamming in C or C++
unix experience
NIH Image
Other Lab Skills MRI Operation
MRI Physics
Functional MRI
Electrical Engineering
RF engineering
Theoretical Statistics
Microvascular Physiology

Other relevant computer skills

Other relevant laboratory skills

Other notes?

Thanks for your interest


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