Mark S Cohen research

square The Science of Images

square Rapid MR Imaging
- EPI: ref. 1 and ref. 2
- applications of rapid MRI
- rapid MRI
- Ultra-fast Imaging

square Real-Time Functional Imaging
- software (scanSTAT)
- real-time fMRI

square Integration of EEG and fMRI
- analog engineering
- digital and analog artifact

- mapping the alpha rhythm
- mutual information
- real-time recording (movie)

square Ultra Low Field MRI and EPR

square Machine learning for Brain Reading
- Informative Brain-Mind Feature Spaces

square Advanced Computing for fMRI
- Apple G5 cluster
- Data Analysis Software

square MRI Safety

square EEG in Naturalistic Settings
- Brain Effects of Motorcycling

square MR Imaging of Brain Activity
Neurology of mental imagery:
- Mental Rotation & hallucinations
- Mind Reading
- Machine Learning Methods

square The Structure of Perception
- Sparsity and Constructed Reality

square Artistic Realizations
- EEG and Emotional ESP
- Representing the Mind

square The Neurology of Belief
- Belief, disbelief, uncertainty, and Religion
- Group Allegiance and Religious Bias

square CNS Aspects of Drug Abuse
- cigarettes
- cognition

square Brain Abnormalities in Schizophrenia
- memory(1) & memory(2)
- perception

square Brain Plasticity

square Manganese and Manganism

square Neurology of Time Perception
- interval discrimination

square Diagnostic Delay in PNES & ASM trials
- Deidentified Data & Code

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