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The UCLA/Semel Neuroimaging Advanced fMRI Summer Program

Each year we are pleased to be able to offer a two week intensive summer program on advanced topics in neuroimaging. The purpose of this course is to provide a solid foundation in state-of-the-art functional neuroimaging methods. The course covers all aspects of MRI-based neuroimaging data acquisition, experimental design, and data analysis. In addition, students interact closely with these lecturers in hands-on laboratory exercises and data analysis projects.

Our program is targeted to investigators with significant experience in neuroimaging who are eager to gain more tools and knowledge to apply to their work. Each year we bring an extraordinary faculty of internationally known experts.

Thanks to a generous grant from the National Institutes of Health, we are able to offer the course tuition-free. Students pay for their transporation and meals.

Applications to the summer program are only accepted using our online application form. Please note that we can accept only a limited number of students each year; the applications are very competitive.

The summer program are videotaped and archived for later use. These archives contain the slides and exercises used in the classroom, and offer a strong alternative to course attendance.

Archived programs
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Summer 2012 Summer 2011 Summer 2010

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The UCLA Neuroimaging Training Program is funded by generous awards from the National Institutes of Health, grant numbers R90 DA022768 and T90 DA023422