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Integrated EEG and fMRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging using BOLD offers 3D resolved images of the brain that can show brain activity through changes in metabolic demands, reflected in blood flow. Such images have extraordinary spatial resolution and sensitivity. However, there are many brain signals that are not reflected in the BOLD signal, and moment to moment changes are seldom visible, because the BOLD response is relavitely slow.

EEG is able to detect very brief events and to distinguish among them with considerable subtlety. Many signals are present in the EEG, such as high amplitude rhythmic fluctuations, and "spontaneous" discharges associated with states such as sleep and diseases such as epilepsy.

We have developed an effective means for recording EEG and fMRI concurrently in real-time. The movie below demonstrates a typical recording session.

Our instrument is now manufactured under license by Electrical Geodesics, Inc. and is sold as the GES300 MR.

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