MR Imaging of Brain Activity (gen'l)
- neurology of mental imagery:
Mental Rotation
& hallucinations
- Mind Reading
- Machine Learning Methods

Rapid MR Imaging:
- Applications of rapid MRI
- rapid MRI
- Ultra-fast Imaging

Real-Time Functional Imaging:
- software (scanSTAT)
- real-time fMRI

Integration of EEG and fMRI
- analog engineering
- digital and analog artifact
- mapping the alpha rhythm
- mutual information
- real-time recording (movie)

Ultra Low Field MRI and EPR

Neuroscience and Art
Brainstorming": Empathy, EEG, and ESP

CNS Aspects of Drug Abuse
- Cigarettes
- Cognition

Brain Abnormalities in Schizophrenia
- Remory abnormalities
- Perception
- Resting state abnormalities

Brain Plasticity

Manganese and Manganism

Neurology of Time Perception
- interval discrimination

Advanced Computing for fMRI
- Apple G5 cluster
- Data Analysis Software

Representing the Mind

MRI Safety

PNES calculator using Comorbidities & Medications
- Online calculator
- Deidentified Data & Code

Diagnostic implications of review of systems in PNES
- Deidentified Data & Code

An objective score to identify psychogenic seizures based on age of onset and history
- Online calculator
- Deidentified Data & Code

Reliability of reported peri-ictal behavior to identify psychogenic nonepileptic seizures
- Online calculator
- Deidentified Data & Code



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