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Images are powerful tools of inquiry and communication ubiquitous in scientific disciplines. Many of the problems we face in images are common or even generic:

• What limits resolution?
• Can we determine if an image contains information?
• How do we express multiple dimension or combine across data domains?
• How can we convey concepts without misleading or distorting?
• What is the role of aesthetics in scientific images? What gives an image beauty?
• How do we express or study change in images?
• How can we convert 2D observations to nD representations?

Much of my work is focused on the development of general solutions to these crucial problems. Discoveries are available in data sets from electron micrographs to galactic images, from statistics to vision research, that can be transferred across domains.

To date, there are strong contributions, but no cohesive general science of images. Through the promotion of targeted interactions across domains, I have the audacious aim to contribute meaningfully to this important, yet barely recognized field.

Randall Munroe (xkcd), 5-6-11

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